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The Lion and the Lamb

I hope I am remembering this correctly.


When I was growing up In New York, I would hear the expression, "If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb."


There is optimism when one considers the phrase, and especially this year when the northeastern part of our country has endured so many storms. Here, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, maybe because of those northern storms, we experience an occasional day with a temperature in the 60s rising to the 70s.


Clear, sun, fresh air, and soft breeze. For us, I guess, this March is the only the lamb.


Join us?


The author of this post is Tom Aposporos, a licensed real estate broker in both Florida and New York. In a business career of more than four decades, he also served as mayor of his home city, a commissioner in his adopted island city, and chaired a publicly-owned bank through a period of financial recovery. These experiences have enhanced his knowledge and have brought additional dimension to his real estate career.