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“This time I feel it. I can’t deny the fact that you like me. Right now, you like me!"

Remember when Sally Field won her second Academy Award? It is fine if you don't. It was 1985. And the title of this post is what she said on that occasion.

I remember watching her reaction during the Oscar telecast. It was a funny thing to hear her say what she said but watching her I understood she had a genuine happiness because it was her confirming moment, a second great award.

I had a Sally Field moment last week. I was checking my email inbox and learned the following endorsement was online from some wonderful folks I had helped purchase a condominium after they sold their single family homestead of the last quarter century: "Tom knows his territory. He saved our lives when he found the perfect home for us in two days. He's knowledgeable, charming and makes buying a home fun!"

And later that day, in the regular mail, I read a hand-written note from a lovely person whose restored historic home I had listed for sale and we had recently completed its transfer to a new owner. She said in that note, "I appreciate you sticking with me through the thick and thin...and for always finding an up side for the prospects. You're very effective, and I was grateful for the confidence you gave me."

I have been in the real estate world for over four decades and appreciation for my work still makes my day.

Sally Field's experience was unique, and her awards are extraordinary. (You win those awards as a result of the votes of your competing peers.) But I must tell you, after all my time in this business, that email and that note meant everything to me. Buying or selling a home is a major experience for most people.

To be thanked for my efforts, "liked" if you will for my help and work, was special. My Oscars!


The author of this post is Tom Aposporos, a licensed real estate broker in both Florida and New York. In a business career of more than four decades, he also served as mayor of his home city, a commissioner in his adopted island city, and chaired a publicly-owned bank through a period of financial recovery. These experiences have enhanced his knowledge and have brought additional dimension to his real estate career.