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The King Tide

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma, a large storm which encompassed nearly all of the state of Florida, was followed by Hurricane Nate, a good distance off Florida’s west coast. With a storm too far away to be a factor, and the sun brightly shining, localized flooding was evident. It caused some head scratching, and local media was pretty quick to explain that this new event was the King Tide. This is a twice yearly event when the earth, moon, and sun line up to create the most significant tidal ranges.

I went searching for a definition of this type of event to share with you. The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, always a good resource for weather-related activity, provides a good explanation here. It is oriented toward the Pacific Ocean and but the fact of the event is the same. I looked further to find a resource closer to home. Here is a good explanation by the North Carolina King Tides Project.

As always, let me know when I may help with your real estate needs. Or, if the sun is shining and there has been no rain for days and your street is flooded, give me a call. I may just know the reason!


The author of this post is Tom Aposporos, a licensed real estate broker in both Florida and New York. In a business career of more than four decades, he also served as mayor of his home city, a commissioner in his adopted island city, and chaired a publicly-owned bank through a period of financial recovery. These experiences have enhanced his knowledge and have brought additional dimension to his real estate career.