There is old lore that Native Americans made this area safe from storms because of the burial grounds of their ancestors. And there is the undersea shelf off the west coast that directs storms north and away from us. Of course, there is the jet stream and the role it may play. I am not sure of the truth or relevance of any story or fact but, once again, a catastrophic storm was more for other places than for here. The storm category was lower here so the winds were less severe. The storm surge seemed not to be.

My goal is not to leave you thinking that this area is protected from hostile storms. In fact, my advice these days is that primary home ownership concerns should be about the elevation and strength of a structure, and alternate power generation when the existing power grid fails--as it did with Irma.

I may know the lore but more importantly, I know the territory. And I have for twenty years. Let me know if I can be of help.

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