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What most does a new year bring?


At the end of this evening, many will celebrate the closure of 2022 and the opening of 2023.

I once said that every New Year marks a beginning. It does. But is it so important? I am wanting more to approach every day as new, every moment as an opportunity for a greater thought or experience, and for a constant exciting, confident approach to life and work. It is true that my past days and years have well prepared me for the time ahead and I don't want to forget that. Such memories will make the minutes ahead better.

Good things happened to me in 2022. My health remained strong. My belief systems endured, even flourished a bit. I made an important change to my real estate business. A theater company I founded in 2006 and have helped to sustain continues to flourish. Some not so good things happened, too. I lost friends, whose lives were important to me, but I will make certain the memories of them will embolden me for the trail ahead.

Most importantly, I say to all of you that I want your next moments and days to be ideal, productive, and meaningful. And I want your successes to be constant and enduring.

Happy Everything!ng!Everythin


The author of this post is Tom Aposporos, a licensed real estate broker in both Florida and New York. In a business career of more than four decades, he also served as mayor of his home city, a commissioner in his adopted island city, and chaired a publicly-owned bank through a period of financial recovery. These experiences have enhanced his knowledge and have brought additional dimension to his real estate career.

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